“I have grown so tired of the same old thing” – Jack Skellington

My job is weakening me. Jading me. It’s making me a worse person. I so look forward to the weekends, because it allows me a break from it all, and to recover my humanity. This is a good thing, becuase lately, by the end of the week… I am one mean bitch. It’s an easy thing to become when the majority of the people you get to deal with at work…

July 9, 2004

Once again it’s the 4th of July, but this time I just don’t have the energy to say what I want to. Maybe it’s that just love the idea of living in a free country too much. So much, that I look at the government, corporations, social conflicts, and the amount of greed in general, and I no longer have any idea of what to do. It’s kind of depressing, really. When your…

July 4, 2004

Song of the day: Mercy Street – Peter Gabriel

I have a friend who’s a vegan PETA freak. She’s also an artist, but doesn’t really produce anything anymore. This is a shame, since I like a lot of her work. Here’s a quick 101 class on HD… now HR (and yes, it is pertinent). Primarily a painter, she had a few shows, pieces ranging from small to very large. No real primary focus to her body of work (kind of…

June 3, 2004

Song of the day: A man comes around – Johnny Cash

When most people say that Johnny Cash is a classic musician, they do so in the same way that they would say Star Wars shaped generations. But I think that in many cases, it’s just taken for granted. I’d have been one of those people myself. Sure, I’ve heard “Ring of Fire”, “I Walk the Line”, “Boy Named Sue”, and so many other classics, but I never really realized the extent…

May 30, 2004

To all those who kept asking me if I actually use my camera phone, the answer is now definitively “yes.” Granted, it took a while for me to get warmed up to it, but now I’m a picture takin’ fool. Here a shot, there a shot. Everywhere. Shot shot. It’s late. I’m a bit silly. For this I apologize. But to continue on about the pictures. I’ve finally added them to…

May 7, 2004

I really have so much to write about that it’s not even funny. Too bad none of it is important. But what do you expect from a blog? This is a haven for the irrelevant. So, every now and then, I’ll get these weird posts to my blog comments. I can only assume that they’re bots of some kind, but why they’ve targeted me, I’m not sure. What I am sure…

March 5, 2004

“So when the policeman cracks my jaw I’ll say, that must be the 25 percent you didn’t know.” That’s what my friend Kate said when I told her that we only need to get a 75 percent on our law exam to continue on in the police academy. But then I put it balance for her, and explained that EMT’s also only need a 75 percent to pass their exams. You…

March 4, 2004