LoCreShiMo 2017 – Doll Cabal

Doll Cabal
November 16, 2017

Keeping in the vein of creepy doll photos, here’s another one from the basement of Hanny’s, in downtown Phoenix. It’s got everything that I used to love taking photos of: Old dolls, chain link fences, any kind of unfinished industrial interior, and basement lighting. Hard to go wrong with any of that. I imagine this as some kind of basement of misfit dolls, where they hide out and extort people…


LoCreShiMo 2017 – Ghost Doll

Ghost Doll
November 15, 2017

It’s been many, many years since I shot my Reverend Bob series, which contained a few creepy doll photos. So when some friends took me to Hanny’s in downtown Phoenix, and showed me this fine memorial in the basement, I couldn’t resist snapping a pic. The story goes that back in the 60’s, a young girl ran off from her parents, and found her way into the stairwell to the…


LoCreShiMo 2017, Nov 6

Patio at dusk
November 6, 2017

We’d been out shooting photos, and were on our way home when we decided to stop at a local brewery for a beer. The inside of the place reeked of hops, much moreso than other breweries I’ve been to, so we sat out on the patio. The sun was setting, and the clouds were absolutely gorgeous. Looking up, I was struck by how the lights and shadows stood out against…


LoCreShiMo 2017, Nov 5

LoCreShiMo 2017, Nov 5
November 5, 2017

I could shoot urban photography all day. It’s something that fascinates me, especially areas that are deserted or in a state of urban decay. The idea of uninhabited cities or towns is appealing to me in a sorrowful, wistful kind of way, because of the energy vacuum created from the total lack of inhabitants. It had been a while since I went on an outing for the sole purpose of…


LoCreShiMo 2017, Nov 2

November 2, 2017

Years ago, when cell phone cameras were in their infancy, I started a project I called c3. I would shoot photos on my cell, as-is, with no after effects or photo manipulation. Because the quality and resolution were so terrible, it often produced wonderful images. Now, however, with cell phone cameras having the same resolution of many digital SLRs, it’s harder to get that kind of image without resorting to…


Establishing Shots

Establishing Shots #2
January 27, 2003

In a motion picture, an establishing shot can set a location, mood, or even give us a glimpse of what is to come.  I wanted to capture that same essence, without the rest of the movie to accompany it.  In these images, I have tried to establish scenes that are eerie, bizarre, or just unusual.  Most of all, I wanted to capture a sense of story, without showing anything more…