LoCreShiMo 2017, Nov 9

LoCreShiMo 2017 - Megan
November 9, 2017

I used to do a lot of vector art, where I would take a base photograph, reduce it to just the colors that I wanted to use, and then simplify and tweak the lines as needed. Some pics would take hours, and some would take days. Unfortunately, I don’t really have days to spend on a single image for CreShi, so I had to keep this one fairly simple. I…


LoCreShiMo 2017, Nov 4

Big Pig
November 4, 2017

Continuing with the “refresh my skills for things I used to do” theme, this is a digital manipulation of a photo I took. I used to be active in the online graphic design groups, and we would have weekly challenges to do just this sort of thing. While back then I primarily used Photoshop, this was all done with mobile device tools.


LoCreShiMo 2017, Nov 3

LoCreShiMo 2017, Nov 6
November 3, 2017

I’m not really that big on kaleidoscope images. I like the actual things, and will lose myself in them for good periods of time, but that’s because they’re dynamic and always changing. Still images don’t really have that magic for me. This one is an exception though, so after how long it took me to get something I liked, I figured I’d use it .


Miscellaneous Art Gallery

January 26, 2007

Back in the late 90’s, I made the switch from working in traditional art media to almost solely digital. I was involved with an online group for a while, which would have weekly design challenges to motivate each other, and to push our artistic development.  I started out with mostly photo manipulation, but eventually found that I had more of an affinity for vector graphics, or for transforming photos into vector…



January 26, 2006

This may be seen as hypocritical, since I in no way purport to be “serving” the cause to prevent animal cruelty (I regularly eat at horrible fast food restaurants… although I do feel guilty whenever I’m reminded of where the stuff comes from). But I say fie to that. Just because I don’t practice what I preach – well, I’m not actually preaching anything, but you see what I’m saying…



January 26, 2005

I’ve been told for some time that I’m emotionally “cut off”. So one day I decided to try and get in touch with my emotions by working on an art series. As with any art piece, I think some are much more successful than others, but that also has something to do with how well a particular emotion lends itself to interpretation and portrayal.  



Glory, Glory Hallelujah!
July 4, 2004

This series started as an annual event.  I decided one 4th of July that I needed to express my feelings of patriotism, and created the first in the America series.  The next year I began to examine my feelings more closely, and the images from there out began to take a radical turn.  I felt it important to explore the disparity between the perception of the holiday – and in…