To all those who kept asking me if I actually use my camera phone, the answer is now definitively “yes.” Granted, it took a while for me to get warmed up to it, but now I’m a picture takin’ fool. Here a shot, there a shot. Everywhere. Shot shot.

It’s late. I’m a bit silly. For this I apologize.

But to continue on about the pictures. I’ve finally added them to their own gallery pages, so that everyone can see them in their glory. Or not. That’s entirely up to you. I prefer to think of them gloriously, however, so I’ll just keep the self-praise a-comin’. Eventually many of them will have comments underneath, telling little anecdotes about the image, or just general blather. I’m considering making them turn offable, or perhaps turn onable. I’m not sure though. Thoughts?

On another note… I’ve been thinking a lot lately (this does require a lot of effort on my part, so that might explain the exhaustion), and have been trying to formulate a new political diatribe to post here. My last one is a bit old, and if someone were to read it today, they would be completely mislead as to my current state of mind, thinking be some kind of Bush supporting monster of a killer.

This is not the case. The problem is, it’s just too damn hard, and takes too much time, and truth be told I’m a bit afraid that if the wrong people (you know… the ones who are always watching) were to read it, they’d take me out to some remote gravel pit and shoot me for being a terrorist.

Which is funny. But not. It’s really rather confusing.

So someday, if you decide to check my journal for its two month update, you may find said statement of faith. But don’t hold your breath. It’s just that I spend so much time thinking about it, it seems a waste to not at least give it its due. Know mean? Well I don’t.


You always manage to get an emotion embedded in your photographs. A lot of these emotions bother me, but I can’t stop looking at the pictures. How you can trap an emotion in a photograph is beyond me. I mean, it’s easy to do when you’re drawing it from scratch…but to go out and take a snapshot of something already there…that blows me away.

This time, you did that with a phone camera.

You make me sick. 🙂

(Yeah, apparently, I’m in full-on “gushing fanboy” mode today. Pay me no mind!)

Posted by Adam Black @ 05/20/04 06:00 PM


Cool! I think now I have exactly 2 fanboys.

If I could just bump that up by a factor of, say… 1000. It’s best not to wish for too much you know.

Posted by Haze @ 06/03/04 04:00 PM

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