Song of the day: A man comes around – Johnny Cash

When most people say that Johnny Cash is a classic musician, they do so in the same way that they would say Star Wars shaped generations. But I think that in many cases, it’s just taken for granted. I’d have been one of those people myself. Sure, I’ve heard “Ring of Fire”, “I Walk the Line”, “Boy Named Sue”, and so many other classics, but I never really realized the extent of what Cash embodies until just yesterday.

I was in the music store, on a rare outing to actually buy new stuff (something that almost never happens… we usually just listen to the same old, tired cd’s), and in the store was playing The Man in Black’s last intended album – “The Man Comes Around”. I stood there in the store, knowing who I was hearing, but feeling like I’d never really heard him before. And now that I’ve bought the album, and listened to it, I have just three words to say about it.

Pure eff-ing genius.

It makes me want to freakin’ cry it’s just so damn good. Nothing I can say about it will do it any justice whatsoever, so you’re just going to have to listen to it yourselves. And do it now.

So of course, in my usual fashion of overdoing the majority of what I set out to do, I bought the rest of his albums produced by American Records (otherwise known as his “American Recordings”). Well, all except the final release “Unearthed”, which I’m not sure I really want to count, seeing as it’s a bunch of previously unreleased stuff, it came out after he died, and thus feels to me a little too money-grubbing. Now, there’s a possibility that the intentions were pure, after all, there are a great many people out there who would want to hear avery song that was ever recorded by Cash, but if they weren’t good enough for him when he was alive, I think maybe they should have just stayed unpublished.

I dont know. Someday I may hear them and completely change my tune, which I reserve the complete right to do.

In any case, if you’re interested, his “American Recordings” consist of: “American Recordings”, “Unchained”, “American III: Solitary Man”, and “American IV: The Man Comes Around”. Yeah, I did a little research, because that’s what I do when something comes along and kicks my ass this hard.

I have a similar rave about Elvis, which it took me until I was thirty to realize, but I’ll save that one, since this is JC’s day.

In other news, however, I’ve now had my fourth Portland opening, and all told I think it went pretty well. I mean, the space I got at the show was cramped and awkward, the promo cards distorted my piece, and all of my stuff didn’t even get hung, but I think I still generated more lingering talk than either of the other two artists.
You can see the entirety of the show, “Tales of the Reverend Bob”, online. I’ve also added more images to my erotic cards series, so check them out as well.


3 things:
1) “The Man Comes Around” makes my hair stand on end, it’s so good.
2) Have you seen the Dawn of the Dead remake? Good soundtrack, there.
3) “I Hung My Head”? I bawl like a little sissy girl, every time.

Posted by Linda @ 06/03/04 09:33 AM


3 responses:
1) Amen, sister.
2) I have seen it, and it rocks my world. I daresay it may equal, if not exceed the first in sheer butt-ass knarlyness.
3) Don’t feel bad, I bawl like a little sissy girl when I listen to it as well. But, uh, don’t tell anyone. I do have a reputation to uphold.

Posted by Haze @ 06/03/04 04:03 PM

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