“So when the policeman cracks my jaw I’ll say, that must be the 25 percent you didn’t know.”┬áThat’s what my friend Kate said when I told her that we only need to get a 75 percent on our law exam to continue on in the police academy. But then I put it balance for her, and explained that EMT’s also only need a 75 percent to pass their exams.

You can imagine that it made her feel so much more comforted.

However, in defense of both, that’s a hell of a lot of shit to know. And considering that a C is an acceptable passing grade for most classes (not that I’m happy if I get anything less than a B), it doesn’t really seem that far off the mark.

So, now, instead of using this time to cram like mad for my 260 question law exam coming up in two hours, I’m writing to tell you how much it sucks that I have a 260 question law exam coming up in two hours. Whaddya gonna do?

I think I’ve got the bulk of it anyway. Murder, theft, assault, sex crime. Throw in a little bit of deadly force for good measures, and that’s pretty much it. Heh. If it were only that easy.

For example, as far as the law is concerned, you’d think that a big ol’ hunting knife would be considered a deadly weapon, right? Wrong. It’s only a dangerous weapon. “What makes the difference?” you ask. I’ll tell you. Apparently someone decided that since a hunting knife was designed for hunting, and not killing people, it does not constitute a deadly weapon. These are the little intricacies that we need to know. Whether the difference between age 11 and 12 constitutes Rape I or Rape II.

There’s a lot of them.

I’m not too worried though. As one of my squad members is fond of saying, “It’s all common sense stuff.” Yup. I’m really hoping it catches up to him one of these days.

On an unrelated topic, I’ve got a buttload of new art material to post… if only I had the time. I think I’ve found at least two old photos, and I’ve got a few new digital pieces to put up.

Hey, it gives you a reason to come back.

“Seacrest… out!”

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