Did I bite off more than I can chew?

Some pretty exciting things are happening… after having not posted anything for over a year. I’m hoping to change that last bit.

But I’ve said that before, I know.

Starting not quite at the beginning, Phoenix Fan Fusion (that used to be Phoenix Comicon, for those who don’t know – they had to change the name because of legalities) ended a couple of weeks ago, and it seems to have been a catalyst for all my pent up creativity. I was in three panels this time around, one of my own, one where I just added my 2 cents, and a third that was a collaborative effort. They all went off splendidly, I think.

For a few years, I’ve been doing small cons, where I’ve largely been doing the same panel that I first put on at Comicon three or four years ago. Yeah, I rehashed it. So what? But we’re talking audiences of no more than 15 every time. Not spectacular. So earlier this year, I put together a new panel that we tried out at Leprecon, and it seemed to do well. I’m glad we got the trial run in, because when we did it at PFF it was a full house. Despite them getting the name completely wrong.

What was it, you ask? Officially, it’s “They’re Chaaaaanging… Cinematic Horror from Old to New” or something like that. I honestly can’t even remember now. But I refer to it as “The evolution of cinematic horror.” We plan to do it again at Fearcon this year, after which I’ll have to do something new.

In other news, I’m now working on two podcasts as well. The first of which ties into that collaborative effort I was talking about. It’s live readings of *terrible* fanfic erotica. We’ve done it at three or four cons now, with different readings, and are now turning it into a podcast. You can find the Facebook page for these terrible dregs of erotica from the internet at Unipornicorn Theater.

The other podcast I’ll be working on is affiliated with Krissy Lenz’s Most Excellent Podcast Network, which will be called the Most Excellent Horror Podcast. I’m slated to organize the content, and schedule the recordings and guests, and she will produce. I’m pretty excited about it, to be honest.

That’s a lot to take on when I haven’t done jack for so long. And I know I have a tendency to dive into the deep end on my belly, but I’m hoping that this will all turn out well.  I’ll try to keep updating this site more, now that I’ve blown the dust off.

Wish me well, my dear reader of one.

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