Cow on the Range

LoCreShiMo 2021 – On the Range

It’s that time again. And when I say “that time again,” I realize that a) it’s been 2 and a half years since the last one, and b) it’s July and not November. So what gives? LoCreShiMo, that’s what. It don’t care, it just wants your soul. It doesn’t have to be an annual thing, or even a thing that happens at a scheduled time. It does whatever it wants….

Tree Tattoo

A tattoo by any other name

  It’s been a long time since I’ve done any legitimate artwork. So when my sister asked how rusty my skills were, to design a tattoo we’d been talking about getting, I was understandably a bit hesitant. We’ve talked about getting matching tattoos for quite a while, and every time she visits, she jokes about how we should just go down to a local shop and get one. Now, I…


Did I bite off more than I can chew?

Some pretty exciting things are happening… after having not posted anything for over a year. I’m hoping to change that last bit. But I’ve said that before, I know. Starting not quite at the beginning, Phoenix Fan Fusion (that used to be Phoenix Comicon, for those who don’t know – they had to change the name because of legalities) ended a couple of weeks ago, and it seems to have…

Bridge At Night

LoCreShiMo 2017 – Bridge at night

I really love nighttime shoots. Back when I was doing bike patrol in Portland, OR, I would take photos of all kinds of things – buildings, parks, statues, even myself. This was in the infancy stages of cell phone cameras, so the quality was crap, but that just added to the neat effects. This picture probably wouldn’t have been possible on a phone back then, since you couldn’t really adjust…

Doll Cabal

LoCreShiMo 2017 – Doll Cabal

Keeping in the vein of creepy doll photos, here’s another one from the basement of Hanny’s, in downtown Phoenix. It’s got everything that I used to love taking photos of: Old dolls, chain link fences, any kind of unfinished industrial interior, and basement lighting. Hard to go wrong with any of that. I imagine this as some kind of basement of misfit dolls, where they hide out and extort people…