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I have a friend who’s a vegan PETA freak. She’s also an artist, but doesn’t really produce anything anymore. This is a shame, since I like a lot of her work. Here’s a quick 101 class on HD… now HR (and yes, it is pertinent).

Primarily a painter, she had a few shows, pieces ranging from small to very large. No real primary focus to her body of work (kind of like me), she traversed a path of several different themes. Prior to, during, and after this, she was an on and off vegetarian.

Enter time for BFA thesis project. By this point, she’d developed some rather strong feelings about her then vegetarianism, and began to focus the body of her work and project around processing farm animal cruelty. The results: 1) A great final show, titled “The Real Mother Goose”, featuring nice, educational tidbits about animal processing, presented in nursery format (I’ve got several pictures that I still need to give her). 2) The switch to a solid vegan diet. 3) Cessation of almost all art production (fortunately this is not the case for her husband).

While I’m down with the first, I can support the second while pretty much admitting that I’ll never succumb to such fare. The third, however, is really too bad.

It may be because of this that I was recently inspired to create a small set of my own. This may be seen as hypocritical, since I in no way purport to be “serving” the cause (I regularly eat at horrible fast food restaurants… although I do feel guilty whenever I’m reminded of where the stuff comes from). I say fie to that. Just because I don’t practice what I preach – well, I’m not actually preaching anything, but you see what I’m saying – doesn’t mean that someone else won’t be affected by my work. This work basically takes the spirit of her project, and continues it with an addition of my own interests… medieval torture. It’s not wholly what I started out to accomplish, and has been watered down a bit, but that’s only because it just felt really comical, not to mention near impossible to pull off, showing a cow with nipple clamps.

And being comical was not my intent. Enjoy.



I probably shouldn’t find these pictures amusing, should I?

Then again, I probably shouldn’t yell, “Fluffy, NOOOOO!!!!” every time I see a dead cat laying by the side of the road.

I need help.

(cool art, by the way. Nice colors)

Posted by Adam Black @ 06/03/04 10:27 PM


I’m with Adam. I find these somewhat amusing, but in a disturbing way. Like a lot of South Park episodes. Is it *funny* when Cartman kills a kid’s parents and then makes the kid eat them in chili? No. Did I laugh? Yes.

I laughed at these too. Just a little.

Posted by John @ 06/28/04 04:05 PM

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