Countdown, day 7

And now for something completely different. (yeah, it’s old and tired, but sometimes it really is appropriate) Yessir, kiddies, I’ve gots somethin’ extra special fer y’all today. Ah-yup. It’s a nice litt’l story abouts a couple-a best friends. We here at the ‘zen figg’red it was time ta do somethin’ fer the tykes. No, really. I’m serious. See, PB and her mother came up with the idea to put together a…

September 7, 2003

Song of the day: Ring of Fire – Social Distortion

I’m in a bit of a sticky wicket. I can’t sleep, I’m supposed to be getting up at six for a test, and I just don’t see it happening. Since I haven’t heard back from Marion County yet as to whether or not I’ll be working in their corrections facility (and if I get that job, I’ll be working as a reserve deputy sheriff as well), I thought it would be…

September 6, 2003

Countdown, day 9

I remembered just recently that NaNoWriMo was coming up sometime soon, and for a moment I thought I’d missed the boat. I suppose I would have been better off if I had. I promised myself last year (after not finding out about it until it had already started) that this year I was going to participate. Now I wish I hadn’t made that promise. But I did, so I have to…

September 5, 2003

Countdown, day 10

“If he doesn’t practice with a toy, how is he ever going to kill anybody?” So read the coolest advertisement poster I’ve seen in a while. It’s got a kid with two guns in hand, John woo style, with his back up against a tree and a devastatingly cold-killer look in his eyes. The poster is so cool, in fact, that it defeats its own purpose. See, it’s supposed to be…

September 4, 2003

Countdown, day 11

I realized that though I was right on the date, my countdown is off. The way I’ve got it, day 1 is the actual wedding, and most countdowns end with 0. Tough, that’s what I say. Since I’ve numbered my pictures 1 – 12, I’m not about to change it so that there’s a picture 0. For my purposes, you’ll just have to deal. And so on that note, here’s the…

September 3, 2003

Song of the day: It’s Not – Aimee Mann

Yes, that’s right. Aimee Mann (damn you Sundry, damn you to Hell). Haven’t there been enough chick songs featured lately? I mean, there is a difference, since Mann is actually really good, and Shakira and Celine are really just fluff, but come on, self! Get with the program! Bring back the Zombie, G’n’R, and Iron Maiden! But no, I’m stuck on these girlie songs. It’s a phase, self. That’s all, a…

September 2, 2003