In my head: It’s been a while – Staind

You know what I hate (other than Tim Eyman)? An incomplete story that pretends to be a complete story. That’s what I hate. I only say this because I was reading Adam Cadre’s “Photopia”, and I was really worried as I was going through it that it wasn’t going to be complete. Well, my fears were totally unfounded, because it was complete, in the way that a big old punch to…

February 7, 2002

Stuck in my head: Suerte – Shakira

What better a song to have stuck in my head to begin my little post about guilty pleasures. To tell the truth, it’s the American version, Whenever, Wherever that I have stuck in my head. It just sounds little better if you make people think that you listen to the exotic version. But since I’m about to tell you that I’m a big fan of Gilmore Girls, I don’t think it’ll make any difference what excuses…

February 6, 2002

In my head: Everything – Michelle Branch

So, I’m kind of excited, because I think I’ve figured out the theme of my new photo series. It’s going to be feelings. Feelings are something that I am notoriously out of touch with – excepting anger, which is why I’m not going to do that one (I just made that one up – I’m so proud of myself). So not only will this be good for me because it gives…

February 5, 2002

In my head: Stand Up by “Steel Dragon”

I need to figure out what the hell I’m doing with my art. I have fun doing it (usually), and sometimes I even like how it turns out. However, it takes me so damn long to do a piece – usually because I can’t decide what the fuck I’m doing and will change it 50 times before settling back on the original again – that I’m beginning to feel like…

February 4, 2002