Countdown, day 7

And now for something completely different. (yeah, it’s old and tired, but sometimes it really is appropriate) Yessir, kiddies, I’ve gots somethin’ extra special fer y’all today. Ah-yup. It’s a nice litt’l story abouts a couple-a best friends. We here at the ‘zen figg’red it was time ta do somethin’ fer the tykes.

No, really. I’m serious.

See, PB and her mother came up with the idea to put together a little book for some friends’ kids. Well, where it really started was with these stuffed toys that PB bought for the kids (I use kids loosely, I think they’re not much older than one year). She thought they were so cute that she just had to write a little story to go along with them. And her mother helped.

Somehow, I was volunteered to illustrate the story. That’s just how it works around here sometimes.

Like I was going to say no.

So now you can bask in the glory that is Mab and Dori.

I must be getting soft or something. First flowers, then a kid’s book. Just wait though, I’ll be back to sex stuff soon enough. But speaking of flowers, the observant viewer may notice that the last three photos (including this one, so it’s not really the last three) seem to be following a pattern. A color pattern that is. You can expect this to continue. Clever, eh?

Man, I’m such a geek sometimes.


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I’m finally catching up on your journal. Mab and Dori are great.

Posted by John @ 09/18/03 11:39 AM

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