Countdown, day 10

“If he doesn’t practice with a toy, how is he ever going to kill anybody?” So read the coolest advertisement poster I’ve seen in a while. It’s got a kid with two guns in hand, John woo style, with his back up against a tree and a devastatingly cold-killer look in his eyes. The poster is so cool, in fact, that it defeats its own purpose.

See, it’s supposed to be an anti-guns ad regarding children, but that’s not what I get out of it at all. Instead, the Guns Aren’t Fun foundation has found a good photo and catch phrase that really make me think more of a video game or future action movie. Good job guys.

Not that I mind, since I have yet to find a gun safety organization that doesn’t come off as some self-righteous, ridding the world of guns because they’re the most horrible thing ever designed, bunch of losers. It just pisses me off. Why can’t there be an “anti-gun” foundation that just focuses more on gun safety, and more importantly education, instead of actually trying to get people to give up their guns just because “it’s the right thing to do”?

On the turnaround (because you know I’m all about fair play… yeah), the NRA pisses me off with it’s brash “guns kick ass” kind of attitude. I understand it though. When you’re faced with multiple organisations trying to shut you down, and there’s just one of you, you’re probably going to come off a little stronger and more narrow than you wish you could be, just to make balance.

I’m still waiting for a sensible gun organisation. You know, one that actually focuses on the normal person. I’m not a hard left or right, as is the case with most of the people I know. So why the hell can’t there be some kind of group for us?

Take the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) for example. It doesn’t depict a bunch of Harley riders, waving the American flag around as they drive through your town, exhaust pipes blasting loudly. It’s actually… normal. And they simply try to protect the rights to ride motorcycles… normally. Why can’t there be an NRA like that?

It’ll probably never happen. I should just give up my hope now, sell off all my guns, and use it to buy flowers for the children of the world.

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