I float, if that is the word to be used.  Lifeless, and yet eternal.  Neither space not time have meaning to me now.  If I were to look, I would see an infinite expanse of stars, planets, galaxies  stretching out before me.  This is my domain now, here amongst the myriad flows of gasses and energies, all beyond the wildest human imagination.

I am energy.  Anywhere I wish to travel, I may.  I can view the surface of the Earth from thousands of miles away, and then travel down through the atmosphere, into a person’s body, seeing each and every cell within them, and then back out again all faster than the speed of light.  Things that are incomprehensible to the human mind are now possible.  Through the powers of God.

I am an angel.




A man holds a gun.  His face is twisted into a cruel mask of hatred and evil.  He pulls the trigger.

There is a flash.  And I feel pain.  Sharp pain.

It grows cold.

The man grabs something.  He runs away.

It grows colder.  The pain dulls.

Vision fades.




I soar above the ocean, faster than any plane could carry me.  Could I feel exhilaration I would.

I seek someone.  Reaching out, I search the cities, countryside, deserts, and seas until I find him.  It is not hard.  He is just a cold, empty space in the patterns of life.

Instantly I am there, and I watch him.  He is not much to see.  The ugly, twisted thing that comprises his soul is already dead.  It is a living corpse that I gaze upon, without remorse, compassion, or respect for anything around it.  In my own way I weep for him, as he does not even know his own fate.  Immortal damnation.

I am fortunate.

I was saved in time.




A woman lies there.  She is naked.  Ecstacy emotes from her.  Her cries of pleasure temporarily fill the emptiness inside of me.

She is a stranger.  Nothing meaningful to share.  Just the mutual fulfillment of lustful desires.

Lust.  Human weakness.

Strength fades.

Comfort, gnawed by doubt.




I reach out again, this time finding the woman I seek in a bedroom, deep in the heart of a city filled with sin.  I appear, and look upon her with eyes free from corruption for the first time.

She is the embodiment of sexual fantasy to the mortal world, with looks that steal the hearts and minds of many.  Male and female.  Her partner is as empty as she, seeking to fill the emptiness by similar means.  I know these means, though they are nothing to me now, for I traveled the same path, made the same mistakes in my search for something meaningful.

What I found was meaningless.

With great sadness I leave them, praying that they find the light I did, the only true light in a world filled with deception.




A man is speaking.  Many people stand around him.

It is a sunny day.  The weather is warm.

Something he says sticks in my mind.  It rings of the truth.  He speaks the truth.

It is the first thing that has made sense to me.  He tells me of life eternal.

Even one such as I can find it.

I accept it.

I am accepted.

God has saved me.




Only one more soul do I wish to find before departing this planet.  The human I care for the most.  The one whose efforts will reward him greatly when he is released from the bounds of mortality.

He is easy to find.  The glow of his soul shines like a beacon, lighting the dark paths for the wandering.  Perhaps there is hope for this world, for the many who wander, searching for something they can never seem to find.

It takes faith.  Faith in the truth.  Faith in the light.

I feel content to leave, knowing that as long as men like him remain, each and every lost soul has a continued chance at redemption.

The heavens beckon me, countless worlds and  stars to be explored, as eternity allows no boundaries for those soaring through them.


The beginning.

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