Robot dream

Robot is dreaming:

Dream of robot following orders, shooting things, then out of control, gets his own mind.  Shoots things for fun, kills self.


Man and robot are talking:

Man:  Why do you do these things?

Rbt:  I want to see man change, other than just phisical appearance. (Man in microwave)


Flashback of robot’s:

Woman’s face, outlined in phosphorescent blue lines following an electrical/circutry pattern, experiencing expressions of pleasure.  Helmet locked back on her head, red safety bolt lights up. (Blurred voices)


Man who was, and woman robot w/ face blotted with lipstick are talking:

Wom:  Once you’ve come the way I have, there’s no turning back.  (Woman educates)


Man leans close to woman, they kiss.

Man’s thoughts:  Then mother would come and clean up the lipstick, making us both pretty again.

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