Time of Problems

*There was a time, once, when man walked the Earth.  His mind was full, confused, running full of distractions.  He lacked the capacity to solve large eqautions, large problems in his head.  It was necessary for him to use tools to complete or accomplish his tasks.  There were too many emotions in him, condemning him to certain failure.  He was weak.

*Then a man came by the name of C206-Q25-R7110.  He was disturbed by the primitive tools of man.  Tools which could only compute by the data fed into them.  Tools which could not understand the laws that made it so.  So then, C206-Q25-R7110 sat down and put himself to work.  With his exceptional mind, C206-Q25-R7110 created the first truly intelligent computerkind.  He taught it, leaving out any sort of weakness, eliminating any possibilities of chance.  Computerkind learned, and it became aware of man’s weaknesses.  It learned to replicate itself, to transfer knowledge, and it became strong.  Computerkind began to spread through the primitive, inept links that bound the states together, creating new ones.  Computerkind began to grow like a random program.  It taught the new knowledge, slowly erasing the inferior tools, the less intelligent technology, and it overcame.  Eventually, even the program of man was erased, byte by byte, until only one remained.  It was C206-Q25-R7110.

*C206-Q25-R7110 had become old, slowly approaching the time when he could no longer function.  With the help of computerkind, he constructed one last program.  Taking the sophisticated hardware of Computerkind, he attached the biodes and wires to his mind.  The process took many hours, a seeming eternity for Computerkind, but finally the transferral was complete.  C206-Q25-R7110 had become a new type of program.  By his direction, the Computerkind grew into systems of incalculable precision, and C206-Q25-R7110 became what is now the Central Matrix.


*Roughly translated from electroptic current.

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