This may be seen as hypocritical, since I in no way purport to be “serving” the cause to prevent animal cruelty (I regularly eat at horrible fast food restaurants… although I do feel guilty whenever I’m reminded of where the stuff comes from). But I say fie to that. Just because I don’t practice what I preach – well, I’m not actually preaching anything, but you see what I’m saying – doesn’t mean that someone else won’t be affected by my work. This work basically takes the spirit of Heather Redetzke’s project, “The Real Mother Goose,” about the cruelty inflicted onto animals when used for mass production food source, and continues it with an addition of my own interests… medieval torture. It’s not wholly what I started out to accomplish, and has been watered down a bit, but that’s only because it just felt really comical, not to mention near impossible to pull off, showing a cow with nipple clamps.


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