Song of the day: So Long, So Wrong – Alison Kraus

I know that I promised some of you my last batch of pictures some time ago, but I really wanted to get the ones from my current show up first. So you’ll have to wait just a little longer for the disturbing ones. They are coming though, I promise.

In the meantime, here is:

The Quiet City
When we think of a city, it often conjures ideas of hurried people, streets crowded with traffic, and constant noise. For this body of work, I wanted to try and remove such chaos from the picture, showing things as simply as possible. In doing so, I realized I had been left with an unusual sort of emptiness and silence. The lack of noise was deafening, and I was haunted by the people who should have been there, but weren’t. It reminded me again that nothing is ever truly quiet.


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Fan-Fucking-tastic, amigo!

(I tried to think of something artsy to say, but words escaped me. So you get the gut response).

Posted by Indigo Shift @ 07/22/03 12:26 PM

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