I must be brief, for my time in this realm is limited. (how’s that for some good D&D geek-talk?) What I mean is, I’m so busy that I have to schedule time to schedule time. But, just to show you (by you I mean primarily Sundry, but everyone else can jump on the bandwagon as well) that I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth for all eternity, I’m posting this quick entry.

So without further delay, here is my top ten list of what’s been keeping me from my (ab)normal blogging schedule:

10. I have a new show coming up, which opens this Saturday, and I haven’t even framed my pictures yet. For more details see www.portlandart.org
9. Had to get together paperwork for the house we wanted to buy.
8. Bought the house, and frantic packing is ensuing in order to move into said property on July 22nd.
7. Had to scramble to get various applications turned in for various law-enforcement jobs.
6. Found out I was losing my job, and had to stress about finding a new one.
5. Received 2 different background applications for aforementioned law-enforcement jobs, due no more than 10 working days later, averaging 16 pages in length each (which, by the way, had to be handwritten as well, just to be that much more of a pain in the ass).
4. Trying to find brief moments here and there to spend with Alice (yes, dear reader, she takes priority over even the blog).
3. Putting together a viable schedule of upcoming books for the close-to-bankruptcy partnership I belong to, in order to get the funding required to keep us from going bankrupt due to an unnamed loser from another company who has no sense of decent business practices whatsoever.
2. Doing my best to get at least 4 hours of sleep a night.
1. Found out that I wasn’t losing my job, but just being transferred to a different company, where I’ve been putting in 12+ hour days, and have not yet gotten a consistent schedule.

There you have it. Hopefully I’ll have time to post again sometime in the next month. That remains to be seen. But like the POW’s, you are not forgotten.



You mean we’re not bankrupt yet? Dude, you rock. Whatever you’re doing to keep us afloat… keep doing it.

Oh, and I’m not gonna be as coy about the “unnamed loser”: Wizard’s Attic can SUCK MY BALLS. Suck ’em, asscake.

Posted by John @ 07/11/03 12:05 PM


Dang, Haze. These are the types of issues I expect you to keep us up to date about. Yes indeed, I expect you to add MORE stress and busywork to your everyday life by tending to your blog. Mostly because I’ve always wanted to write “tending to your blog”. It sounds faintly dirty, doesn’t it? ANYWAY. Glad for the update, and holy shit, you sound busy.

Posted by Sundry @ 07/12/03 09:41 PM


I had some slack time at work this morning and since I hadn’t checked on you in a while I thought I’d see what you’d been up to. “Boy,” I thought, rubbing my hands together in anticipation, “there’s going to be a ZILLION new entries to read!” But no, there were, like, two. But they were crammed full of news! Congrats on, ya know, EVERYTHING. The house, show, job, not being bankrupt, etc.

Posted by peachy keen @ 08/01/03 10:27 AM

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