Song of the day: More Human Than Human – White Zombie

So, it was day two of my photography class, and already I was typecast. But then, that’s not really anything new.  It happened back in my high school drama classes… I was “the crazy/evil guy”. I never did get away from that. And now it’s happening all over again. I’m already “the guy who does sick and twisted pictures”. The rub is that mine are less twisted than some of the other students’.

I just introduced them the wrong way, that’s all. One girl, who’s photos may be some of the most realistically disturbing staged photos I’ve ever seen, said simply “I like to show things how they really are.” Me on the other hand… the first words out of my mouth are “I have this ongoing fascination with sex and violence.”

That was pretty much all it took. Now I can’t even print a picture of a bunny rabbit behind a fence without someone looking over my shoulder expecting to see some new bizarre photo. And this is when the guy next to me is printing a picture of an S&M show. Some people, I tell you.

I realized the other day, as I was ordering my frames for my upcoming show, that I have less than a month until it actually happens. Where the hell did the last six months go? I have been motivated to actually go out and try to get other shows now though, so that’s good. That is, when I’m not too busy looking at some of the other people’s work in my class and thinking “why am I even bothering?”

Of course, then I go out and manage to take a couple of photos that I’m somewhat proud of, and it’s all good. I was actually surprised at how good my first batch of Holga photos turned out. They’re not really good as in nice to look at, but they’re good in terms of exposure. I was pretty much just shooting at anything to burn up the roll, so that I could then see if the camera even worked. Unfortunately it works too well. I was hoping for much more of a crappy photo look that I’m actually getting from the camera.

I’ve half a mind to take it back. Which would probably be a first. “I’d like to return this camera, please.”
“Of course, sir. What was the problem with your… Holga?”
“Well, that’s it you see. There’s nothing wrong. That’s what’s wrong.”
“You’d like to return the camera because it works?”
“Yes. That’s exactly what I’d like to do.”
“I’m going to have to ask you to leave now, sir.”

So now my new goal with the Holga is to take as many photos while driving the car as possible. My favortite picture from the first roll was taken while driving, and I’m hoping to reproduce it. It doesn’t really take any skill, in fact it’s almost all luck, but hey, who’s gonna know but me?

If I ever get a scanner again, maybe I’ll share them with you.

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