So, while it may seem that I’ve been slacking off, doing nothing lately, that assumption would be wrong. In fact, I’ve been extremely busy. Mostly with work and school, but also with trying to get my latest photos scanned in so that I can put them up and prove that I haven’t been slacking off. And now, it’s finally done. I now present my two latest photo projects.

Establishing Shots
In a motion picture, an establishing shot can set a location, mood, or even give us a glimpse of what is to come. I wanted to capture that same essence, without the rest of the movie to accompany it. In these images, I have tried to establish scenes that are eerie, bizarre, or just unusual. Most of all, I wanted to capture a sense of story, without showing anything more than a setting. I want the viewer to wonder what will happen, or why they are looking at a particular image.

These locations are nothing special. Most of us pass places like these every day and never look twice. Hopefully, by seeing them in a dedicated context, and in a different light, people will feel the same sense of mystery that I do when viewing them.

Lisa Luscious Becomes A Star
“Is it so wrong to wish for something I don’t have? They say that fame doesn’t bring happiness, but how can I know until I’ve tasted it? Even more importantly, what does it take to achieve that fame? If I become someone else, I may be loved, but can’t truly be happy living the lie. If I stay true to myself, publicizing the virtues that I want people to know me by, I risk much more, and stand the chance of being scarred forever should I fail.

“This is my story.”



Dude, that chick’s hot. Looks familiar, though. Did I go to high school with her or something? 😉

Posted by Adam Black @ 06/07/03 03:34 AM


Helloooo? *rap rap rap* This thing on? New entry, please!

Posted by Sundry @ 06/29/03 07:05 PM

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