In my head: Tonight and the rest of my life – Sarah Brightman

So fortunately, I once again have good to go along with bad. A couple of goods actually. But I’ll start with the movie good/bads. 

Not only was my show not on last night, but it was replaced by a movie even worse than Rollerball. I know that seems hard to believe, but it’s true. and what is this travesty you ask? What is this movie so awful, that it rivals a movie which shot an entire scene in “night vision”, just to save money? I’ll tell you. Witchblade – The Movie. I hosetly don’t even know where to start on how many things were wrong with that little abomination. I really think that I’d rather watch every Bruckheimer movie ever made, back to back, before sitting through that movie. In fact, I didn’t make it all the way through. 45 minutes was the best I could do. Me. The guy who owns Krull on DVD and VHS. The guy who voluntarily went to see The Princess Diaries (and liked it) in the theater. I just couldn’t take it.

But then to balance it out (the good side – sort of), today I saw Ghost World. And after watching it, I have a question. Why is that so many of the good movies are so damned depressing? Yeah there was some funny stuff in it, but overall it’s not a happy little flick. Maybe I just don’t get it. Well, I know I don’t quite get it, but maybe I really don’t get it. It just felt like watching Welcome to the Dollhouse again. You know, I was that pathetic in high school, so I really don’t need to be reminded of it, no matter how good the movie is.

The other good thing is that I found a weight setup that costs less than half of the really nice one I found yesterday. I’ll probably end up getting it, but I’m giving myself a couple of days to think it over just to be sure.

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