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Once up on a time, a therapist who I was once very close to asked me “What’s your favorite daily ritual?” It seems that that’s the kind of thing one would normally have to think about, but for some reason, I had an answer right away.

My favorite daily ritual comes at the end of the day. It’s when I get to take off my watch, and place it on the dresser along with my wallet, and whatever else has collected in my pockets during the course of the day. It’s mostly about the watch and the wallet though. I lay them out, and I know they’ll be there tomorrow for me to pick up again.

I thought it was a good question. I can’t remember if the therapist in question came up with it, or if it was from a questionaire of some kind, but that doesn’t really matter. Since then I’ve stopped wearing a watch, and it’s been replaced in the ritual by my Spiderco. I do want to start wearing a watch again though, if for no other reason than because I miss placing it next to my wallet at the end of the day.

It now occurs to me that I’ve got this comments field on each and every one of my posts, and what better a use for it than to actually solicit answers to questions from the one reader (possibly even other than myself) who sits, ooey-glueyd to their monitor, just waiting for some new post from thedisturbed haze. So I’m going to start axing questions of you my dear reader, and if you’ve got the guts (or just even give a damn), you’ll respond.

I’ll start it off with that very question which prompted this post: What is your favorite daily ritual, and why?

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  1. I feel I should note at this time, that the aforementioned therapist was my first wife, Elizabeth.

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