Miscellaneous Art Gallery

January 26, 2007

Back in the late 90’s, I made the switch from working in traditional art media to almost solely digital. I was involved with an online group for a while, which would have weekly design challenges to motivate each other, and to push our artistic development.  I started out with mostly photo manipulation, but eventually found that I had more of an affinity for vector graphics, or for transforming photos into vector…



January 26, 2006

This may be seen as hypocritical, since I in no way purport to be “serving” the cause to prevent animal cruelty (I regularly eat at horrible fast food restaurants… although I do feel guilty whenever I’m reminded of where the stuff comes from). But I say fie to that. Just because I don’t practice what I preach – well, I’m not actually preaching anything, but you see what I’m saying…



January 26, 2005

I’ve been told for some time that I’m emotionally “cut off”. So one day I decided to try and get in touch with my emotions by working on an art series. As with any art piece, I think some are much more successful than others, but that also has something to do with how well a particular emotion lends itself to interpretation and portrayal.  



Glory, Glory Hallelujah!
July 4, 2004

This series started as an annual event.  I decided one 4th of July that I needed to express my feelings of patriotism, and created the first in the America series.  The next year I began to examine my feelings more closely, and the images from there out began to take a radical turn.  I felt it important to explore the disparity between the perception of the holiday – and in…


Mab and Dori

September 7, 2003

This idea really started when my ex-wife and dear friend, Alice, purchased these stuffed toys for some friends’ kids. She thought they were so cute that she and her mother just had to write a story in accompaniment. The idea further developed into putting together a little book, with pictures to go along with it. Somehow, I was volunteered to illustrate the story. That’s just how it works sometimes.