Transubstantiate!                            Arn & Jon            Jan. ‘90


*Transubstantiate!  Transubstantiate!  Transubstantiate!

Don’t you want to feed the masses?

Transubstantiate!  Transubstantiate!  Transubstantiate!  Words!


It was written in the paper.

It was really meant to be.

We are crying for rebellion.

They’re all fuckers can’t you see!

We don’t need them as our leaders.

We don’t need those fucks at all!

We can make our own decisions.

They will die if we stand tall!

You can see them on the T. V.

They’re screaming out their lies!

Thinking only of themselves,

Ignorant of pleas and cries!

There are sick and dying people,

And those fuckers think it’s funny.

They don’t give a shit for us,

All they care about is money!

They all think that that they can lead us.

Laws enforced by stick and gun!

So rise up everybody,

And destroy them everyone!

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