I Hate Karob

I Hate Karob!                                     Jon                         Jan. ‘90


Worse than chocolate,

Worse than shit.

It gets in my food,

Ruining it!

You think it tastes good?

Well you’re a prick!

You puss sucking butt-lick,

Suck on my dick!


*I hate Karob!  I hate Karob!

Tastes all yucky!  Tastes all fucky!

I hate Karob!  I hate Karob!

I hate Karob, I hate Karob, I hate Karob!


You health food cunt!

You health food dick!

Get it into your heads,

It’s so fucking sick!

I’d rather eat feces,

To make my stomach churn.

What’s so appealing?

Will you defecates learn?




It makes me wretch.

It makes me choke.

It’s crusty old dog puke,

No fucking joke!



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