Phone Photography – Voleur

Voleur – Portland, OR
February 1 – 28, 2005
Shared Exhibition

I will almost always come across a great photo opportunity when I’m the least prepared. Since most cameras are a bit bulky to carry around all of the time, I tend to only take them on designated “photo outings.”

The cell phone industry hit a jackpot when they decided to start manufacturing phones that could take pictures. Now, people wouldn’t have to carry a camera with them to take pictures of their friends and family.

So I thought… “If people can do it for fun, then why not for art”. And began to do just that.

These photos were all taken with my Sony Ericsson T616. It’s sensitivity to light levels makes it a perfect fit for taking high contrast photos, and there’s a certain charm to an image that’s only 2×3 inches.

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