In my head: Flight of Icarus – Iron Maiden

Yeah, I know, it’s been like 3 days since I’ve written anything. So I’m a slacker… or not. Actually, aside from not having anything to write about, I’ve been very pre-occupied with myproject and it’s coming along much better than I anticipated.

But that’s all boring stuff. And who want to be boring on “let’s make the single people feel shitty” day, otherwise known as “lousy excuse to sucker people into buying more expensive stuff” day. Hey, I got sucked right in… sort of. See, my girlfriend, even though she can kick some serious ass, is still very girly. She likes girly things. I’d better clarify. Flowers. Not diamonds or all that other expensive crap. In fact she hates diamonds. So much so, that driving in the car with her anytime near Valentine’s day or Christmas drives me up the wall because every time a diamond commercial comes on (3 times every break) she screams and changes the radio station, flying into yet another rant about how idiotic the whole concept of a diamond ring, brooch, earrings, pendant, etc, is. Yeah, it’s ugly.

But I was getting to how I got suckered into V-day. It’s pretty much a given that I need to get some kind of flower for her. She drops hints about them all the time (and you really wouldn’t think this of her). We’ll be in the supermarket, and she’ll say “you know, girls like flowers”. Gee, really? I’d completely forgotten from the last time we were here and you said that. And of course it would be a death wish to say something like “but honey, you’re not like other gir*URK!” So every now and then, when I think she least expects it, I’ll get flowers. I think I’ve done it exactly… once. Today will be twice. Not like she doesn’t expect it today. Of course she’d expect it today. Though, I should really get away from the word expect. She doesn’t expect it in a literal term, it’s just that she won’t be surprised. Not in the slightest. Until I give her the S&W 40VE I got for her along with the flowers (not at the same store – when I find a gun shop that sells flowers, or a flower shop that sells guns, I’ll let you know). I figure, if you’re going to spend money on someone for a crappy holiday, make the best of it. Give them something that serves a function other than defining your economic status. Not only that, but I get to shoot it too! How bad can that be? Fortunately, I don’t think she reads this, so she won’t know it’s coming…

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