So, I’m at a dinner party. The people are nice enough, even though I don’t really know any of them. Well, I do know one of them, and getting tired of waiting I start looking for him. I happen to pass the food table along the way, and so I grab a couple of snacks. When I look up, I see the guy I’m looking for. He nods to me. I look at the woman standing next to me at the food table, she’s in her 40’s, light brown hair. A complete stranger. I look back at the man, and he nods again.

Scanning the table with my eyes, I find a small cheese knife, probably sharp enough. I pick it up. Grabbing the woman’s forehead from behind, I pull her head back into my chest, tilting it up just slightly as I do so. Then, placing the knife blade firmly against her jugular, I slice it deeply and slowly all the way across her throat. She gurgles something, and I know she’s not dead yet, so I drop the knife and reposition myself. Placing the heel of one palm agains the back of her head, and the fingers of my other hand against her cheekbone, I twist sharply. There’s a cracking sound, but she gives an imperceptible nod, and I know I haven’t quite gotten it right. The second twist proves to be more successful, and she slumps to the floor.

I look back to the man across the room. He’s got a stern look on his face, and shakes his head at me. Not acceptable.

I pick the knife up again, not bothering to wipe it off, and step over to a different gentleman at the table, who apparently hasn’t noticed what’s just transpired. he’s clean shaven, his hair is showing signs of beginning to thin out, and he looks to be slightly younger than the woman. I clap my hand over his mouth, and after placing the point of the knife at the base of his skull, proceed to drive it all the way to the hilt into first his spine, and then his brain. He mumbles “no”, and so I wiggle the knife back and forth. He’s about to say something else, when his eyes go blank. I let him drop.

The man I know gives me a slight nod, along with a shrug of the shoulders. I know that I need to do that one again.

So I do, and pull it off flawlessly.

That is the dream I had last night. I’ve no idea who the man is, and I have no idea what it means. What I really don’t know is what the hell could have inspired it. It’s not like I was watching any kind of violent movies yesterday. I had a perfectly romantic evening. My mind worries me sometimes.

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