In my head: Chinatown – Hot Club of Cowtown

I guess the logical place to start is with my dissatisfaction of my current blogging setup. I’m obviously a control freak, and I just don’t like the idea that I have to rely on outside sources for both the blog engine itself, and the commenting software (which is the biggest problem). I want it all in one tidy location, and I want to have the power. The power to mold and bend it to my will. And above all, no friggin lag time when I want to look at my damn pages.

So I started doing a search for blog software. The first one I come across looks pretty darn good, and it’s free. You just can’t beat free, especially since I’m super poor. *Editorial note: It really sucks to be both a greedy power freak who wants everything AND be poor at the same time. Makes things a real pain in the ass.* Anyway, I’m checking out this site for greymatter, and I see a quote that says “if you’re a control freak, you simply won’t find a more extensive or customisable system than Greymatter.” Hot-diggety-damn-dog! Once again – this is all free. However, being somewhat conscious of my karma, I do like to give back a little every now and then. Well, there’s a nice Paypal donate button on the side, and some text that says if you donate you’ll be added to the illustrious list of others who’ve improved their inner light by enacting such a generous deed – just not in so many words.

I start reading a little more, and I see the link to the guy’s site who created greymatter. Actually, that’s not exactly how it happened. What I really saw was an image link with the words “Noah Grey Photography,” and since Noah is the guy who designed it, it was a link to his site. How ’bout that? A coder and a photographer. Well, not being one to pass up on a new photography site, I had to check it out.

Bastard. I’m not saying that he’s the best I’ve ever seen, but he’s really good. He’s got a knack for portraits, as well as really good digital development. somehow, he’s managed to get that happy medium between artistic and commercial, meaning there’s a good chance he makes money at what he does. I don’t know, because I just couldn’t bear to read about it right then. Maybe later. Oh yeah, and his web design is everything I wish mine was.

Yeah, even though my site has only been up for a few months now, I’m already unhappy with it. Ever since Feng put up his new design, I realized that I hadn’t gotten mine right. I just don’t have time to fix it right now, and it’s driving me crazy. I haven’t even had time to make a real online portfolio, which is the whole reason I made my new site in the first place.

I think it has to do with the whole black and white issue. I absolutely love black and white pages. With just a touch of color here and there. True, Feng’s page isn’t black and white, but his initial version was, and that’s what’s stuck in my head. As well as Noah’s, damn him. *Begin rant* And it’s the perfect functional page! The main navigation is simply laid out, along with descriptive text, just like I want. There’s ample space for site update comments, or whatever else you want to put there. And it looks good. Why oh why couldn’t my little brain come up with something that simple? *End rant*

Eh, who cares? Gives me something to work on after this quarter is over. But in case you don’t check out all (or any) of his stuff, here are a couple of my favorites: Field In Morning Fog, Spectators, and Steps.

Alright. That’s enough. I’ve been putting off my homework for too long, and there is literally a pile. I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done.

And I still have that blog software to install… that’s important, right?

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