In my head: A Little Less Conversation – Elvis (JXL Remix)

You know what I really hate? The way my fingers smell after I floss. Yeah, I’m sure you really wanted to know that, but it’s true. It just grosses me the hell out. And it’s not like I don’t floss very often, I do it every day. You’d think that after a while it would be so sparkly clean in there that the scent I could reap from it would smell like roses. Not so. Not so. It just smells like ass, and there’s nothing I can do about it, it seems.

So, because I needed something to put on the TV while I did my homework – when we last moved, we made a radical decision and turned off our cable – I rented MIB 2 against my better judgement. Oh… my… God. I think I’d have been better off renting Dungeons & Dragons. I wasn’t even paying full attention to the movie and I wanted to turn it off. Really, I don’t know how something like that ever got made, not to mention the budget that was spent. I mean, I’ve seen home videos better than that. It made me want to cry. They held Rollerball on the shelves for two years or something like that because it was so bad. Well, this is worse. I’d watch Rollerball again any day before letting this piece of crap back in my house. I wanted to run right out and rent Slashers just to cleanse myself (and by the way, you should really check out the trailer for that one).

I never thought I’d say it, but I’ve warmed up to the whole “book on tape” idea. After driving twelve hour to San Francisco (each way) for Thanksgiving, I found it to be an enjoyable chang from constant music. We listened to a book and a half. And we get to do it all over again in December, but this time it’s for thirteen hours. Unfortunately, since we don’t really want to buy the things (since there’s no way we’re going to listen to them more than once), we’re stuck with whatever the library has in stock. And it ain’t much. Of the four that we got – The Green Hornet radio series (not as exciting as you might think), Strangers on a Train, Ghost Soldiers, and something I don’t remember becase I’d never heard of it – we listened to Strangers and Soldiers. The down side is that we only got halfway through Soldiers, and it was pretty cool. I may just have to get the book now and read it, because I don’t have a tape player in the house, and I’m sure not going to sit in the car to listen to the damn thing.

I’m pretty stoked because I’m signed up for a photography class next quarter. It’s been years since I’ve been inside a darkroom, and I’m looking forward to getting back to some hands-on photography rather than digital. Not that I haven’t been happy with my results, but this’ll be a nice change. Maybe I’ll stop being so lazy in relying on my digital light meter and have to actually start guessing at light settings.

Speaking of photos, I’m actually getting ready to update my site, so for the one person out there who hasn’t seen my newer stuff yet, now you can. Enjoy.

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