Wanna-be, good-for-nothing, amateur hackers with nothing better to do than make life miserable for everyone else can kiss my ass. What I’m refering to, of course, is the fact that my site was recently hacked into (likely through this blogging software – that’s what I get for going free), and after a great deal of trouble was able to restore most of the entire deleted file structure, sans about a year’s worth of updates.

Granted, there were only like five updates in that year, but the pain in the ass it’s been to get everything running again has been enough to perpetuate my belief in torture of deserving criminals.

Of which, this person is one.

So, in a whirlwind of updates, for those of you who don’t know already… we’re expecting a baby in January (I’ll be posting some ultrasound pics when I get a chance)… I quit my horrible job and will be giong back to school full-time in the fall to study statistics… and we’re continuing to remodel the house.

That’s all for now, I’m feeling a little done with this whole blogging thing for the moment. Maybe after the steam has gone out of my head I’ll feel differently.

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