Move over magic 8-ball, now there’s somethin’ meatier! And by meaty, I don’t mean in a literal sense. I guess it’s sort of representative of meat, since he’s a man, but then that just sounds like man-meat, and boy oh boy does that give the wrong idea. Of course, he does talk about his meat from time to time, but… uh, I guess I should get back to the point.

You see, Nature Jack is here. And he’s here with a vengeance.

“Who is Nature Jack?” you ask. I’ll tell you. He’s the meanest, toughest, wisest, dumb-ass to come around since… uh… that last one. But on top of all that, he can tell what’s ailing you, and come up with the best solution for your own personal needs. He’s a shrink and seer all wrapped into one.

I can’t possibly hope to impart to you the mad skillz and importance of this man, so I’ll just give you the link. It’ll change your life. Really.

Ask Nature Jack

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