Ramblin’s Part I

It is cold.  So very, very cold.  I almost dare not open my eyes.  Afraid of what I might find there.  Afraid.  I will open my eyes.  I will open them.  Yes.  But…but no.  NO!  There is no light in this place!  To what pit of darkness have I bee deposited?  Please.  Anyone!  Where!  I am alone.  Alone.  Alone in this putrid place!  There is the scent of death here!  I want out!  Please!  Please.  please.  I must not panic.  Panic is an enemy of the mind.  I will feel my way to some exit.  I will crawl.  Yes.  This floor…strange.  Earth?  No.  It is some growth, soft to the touch.  It has fine strands…but thick, much like a kitten’s fur.  Yes.  Kittens.  Oh blessed day!  A wall!  Strange.  The fur…it grows up along the wall.  Yet it stops inches from the floor.  I must see it!  Calm.  Calm.  I shall follow this wall.  It feels like steel.  No.  The growth deceives it.  It is stone.  Stone.  I must rest.  Feel nautious.  The odor.  What is it?  I have never smelled it before.  It is so…decayed.  Must continue on.  My stomach…wrenching.  No.  I must be strong.  Keep crawling.  Crawl.  There is an explanation.  There must be.  Why am I here?  What punishment could be so cruel?  I’VE DONE NOTHING WRONG!  Wait.  Is it?  Nooooo!  A pool of water in theseblack depths!  Water…and I am without the knowledge to swim!  Of course.  There must be a path going around the other way.  Yes.  I will find it.  I will escape these depths.  I will live t..no.  No!  NO!!  Please say that this is but a nightmare!!  The opposite wall already obstructs my path, and no way around this watery pit is existant!  Please help me.  Help.  Help!  HELP!!  SOMEBODY PLEASE!  But I am a fool.  There is no-one.  I know.  I will test these depths.  The water cannot be very deep.  Oh it is so cold.  Must be careful.  Mustn’t slip.  Three feet.  Four feet?  Five fee-aahhh!  Slipping!  Can’t get a hold!  Slipping down!  Can’t breathe!  Air!  Pull myself!  Air!  Rocks!  AIR!  Going to die!  help.  h  e   l    –


Aaahhh!  What?!  But there is light again!  And I am in my own bed!  Oh but it was only a dream!  Ha.  Wait.  Who are these people watching me?  Get out!  Get out of my house!  I…I know you!  You’re my next door neighbor!  Who are these men in white suits?!  Heh!  I’ve done nothing wrong!  Go away!  Don’t touch me!  Please leave me alone!  No.  NOT THAT!  I’m not crazy!  Not the jacket!  Seeeee!  I’m fine.  Heh.  Oh but this is…is…funny!  Yes!  Heh.  Heh!  Ohh stop!  Heh!  Don’t take me awayyyyyy.

Heh.  Heh heh.  Heh!  Ho!  HO!  HA!  HA HA HA HA HA Haa!

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