I can see them through the leaves, the dancers, their bodies thrashing wildly to the congas.  The burning fire throws their shadows twisting and jumping along the ground in an illuminated ring of red and yellow light.  I sit in the dark watching, my light being that of the full moon.  Tsetse flies buzz around me in the warm air, adding to the sounds of the jungle.  The congas continue, guiding the dancers in a ritual of demonic nature.  Madly they shake their heads, hands, bared and glittering teeth reflecting the burning light.  From the darkness of the trees comes a young woman.  She moves toward the fire, drawn forth by the beating of the drums.  A loose dress is draped over her slender form, contouring her small round breasts, nipples hard, sweat running down her front, sticking the cloth to her.  I am held spellbound by this woman.  Her swaying body transfixes my eyes, holding me captive as she approaches the dancing men.  With avid strokes they tear her garment from her, exposing the woman’s full body, hard, firm buttocks, smooth legs.  I too feel the passion of the event, and make no effort to control it.  The congas beat ceaselessly, building in volume, as the men caress the woman’s body, kissing her exposed flesh with fervor.  One man pushes her to the ground, removing his clothes as he spread her legs wide, then lays upon her.  As the congas continue to increase in speed, he pushes himself into her screaming body in rhythmic synchronization with the music.  He dismounts, leaping away as another comes to take his place.  On this goes, more men ravaging the woman’s body with ferocious energy, until I can no longer withstand the call.  I jump from my resting perch and run into the firelit ring, approaching the woman.  A man leaps away and I fall to the place from where he came.  The drums take over my body as I thrust myself into the writhing form lying beneath me.  With a moan of pleasure I force deeper, answered by the woman’s body pressing against mine.  Her back arches in ecstasy, her teeth finding the bare flesh of my chest, grabbing hold, tearing the soft skin and drawing blood.  Gasping, she rolls me onto my back, licking my chest, driving her tongue into my wound.  She slides up and down me with growing speed and excitement, clawing at my face with her hands.  I grab back in pleasure, raking her bare abdomen with my nails, my desires throbbing with each beat of hand upon wood.  In a crescendo of pain, fury, and pleasure, I cry out an orgasmic scream of delight, smearing her blood across my face.  She pushes her mouth to mine, reaching for my tongue with hers, spreading the salty taste of blood in my mouth.  The congas break into a final ear-shattering roar of sound as she rolls over me, carrying us both into the eager flames.  The pain is incredible, sending us into an ecstatic display of demented masochism, as the unholy fire devours our bodies and souls.


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