Salt dripping down
as tears,
as sweat
falling upon me
making us both wet
white skin rippling: as ancient oak
willow tree swaying
sighing in the breeze.
sweet love showers down,
in kisses
in tender words
from lips that have cracked
and dried,
have bled forth praise
body pressing on mine
heart pounding inside me,
above me.
head laying upon my chest
a small child asking protection
from storms and thunder
I sooth,
and smooth his ruffled hair
breathing soft,
bathing in sunlight
content and happy we lay
and soon
we sleep the rare sleep of lovers
arms entangled
breaths mingling
without dreams unfulfilled
dancing behind closed lids,
we sleep with chests flushed red,
sure when we awake
our life will be lived as a dream
fragrance of cherry blossoms in the air
ground covered in soft green velvet
sky thick with sun
day full of love
and nights decked out with racing wishes.


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