Star Trek: The Dream

The dream is animated with old Star Trek dolls. Start/stop frame animation is used. Camera is slowly circling through a background of darkness.

Pass 1: (Spock and Jim young boys)
Spock: Jim [echos of “Jim… Jim… Jim…] Jim [echos of “Jim… Jim… Jim…”]
Jim: Yes.

Pass 2: (Spock and Jim young boys)
Spock: I require advice.
Jim: But my teacher has never needed help.

Pass 3: (Spock normal, Jim still young)
Spock: Yes.

Pass 4: (close up of Spock’s face)
Spock: Do we have enough to go back and recruit one more from the freedoms of our hearts?


Writer’s note 10-25-88

This must be one of the most interesting dreams that I’ve had.  I woke up right after that last line. I was able to write down what I remembered before I became too awake to forget it. I still try to remember the history of the dream, but all I can get is that the crew is split up by a government turned fascist.

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