Song of the day: Abba-Gadda-Davida – Storm and The Balls

Superman gets a Spiderman complex? How lame is that? I mean, it’s been well known for a long time that I’m a sucker for Smallville, but come lately, I’m trying really hard to not like the show.

It all started when Clark “broke up” with Lana (yeah, I think they were together for like, one episode or something), and gives her the whole “I can’t be with you because I’ll just end up hurting you spiel. Well you know what? Who cares? Save it for a superhero who’s supposed to have that kind of angst, i.e. Spiderman or Batman. Superman does not. I don’t care if he’s a teenager.

What’s worse, is that no matter how much I try to dislike it, I just… can’t… stop… I sat riveted as, as the end of an episode, Lana rides up to Clark on her horse, the music swells, and we the audience are supposed to have hope that maybe, just maybe he’ll change his mind and take her back. But no, he stays resolute, and sends her away with tears in her eyes.

Well I say “fuck you, Smallville writers!” Fuck you for writing crap, and fuck you for somehow making me come back every week, regardless.

I sometimes still have delusions that people I once knew continue to check this for updates, and so feel I should once again explain my absence.

For starters, I’m still in full-on work/school mode. And it’s killing me. Two days a week I’ve literally got a five hour sleep window, framed by back-to-back work, school, and work again. Amidst all of this, we’re completely remodeling the kitchen. We origianlly thought it would be a two to three month project. Yeah. Right. It’s becoming more like a five month project. Which makes for a lot of eating out, and a complete lack of free time.

We’re doing the electrical work ourselves, so I’m getting a crash course in codes and inspections. The common question people ask when we tell them what we’re doing is “are you getting permits?” Now I know why they ask. Because it’s a pain in the ass, that’s why.

I’m so far behind on everything else I don’t know where to start. I’m supposed to have a website up for our wedding pre-invitations, since the cards we’re sending out have a url on them. Ah well, let them wonder.

Even so, somewhere close to the sanity snapping line we decided to get out and see a show. I’d heard about Stormon the radio and downloaded a couple of MP3’s from the website. I was hooked, and so thought I’d drag Peterbuilt along with me. Well, it was a good show, the venue being a riverboat that goes out for a couple of hours at night, and she enjoyed it enough to let me buy the CD. I’d highly recommend today’s song of the day, which pretty much sums up the spirit of the group. Storm is phenomenal, both in body and voice.


Yeah, I had the same reaction to Smallville this season. But I can’t stop watching, either. I’m more interested in Lex and Lionel now, anyway. Clark can go fuck himself.

That kitchen project sounds like a nightmare. Good luck. I’m off to check out Storm now.

Posted by John @ 10/31/03 10:51 AM


After figuring out that even small and cosmetic updates to our house take weeks, even months, Matt and I know better than to tackle the kitchen right now. We’ll live with the dark brown laminated cupboards, the hot pink island, and the chipping linoleum floors until I’m done with school. You’re crazy but brave. Good luck. You’ll be so proud when you’re done.

(And you’re not deluded at all. I keep on checking.)

Posted by peachy keen @ 11/06/03 09:39 AM


*I* check for updates! Especially after I see you surface in people’s comments section, somehow I hope it indicates you’ve updated.

You and Peachy both sound inhumanely busy. I feel like the biggest slacker on earth in comparison.

Posted by Sundry @ 11/08/03 07:13 PM



Tonight I saw a film, Jon, that I wanted to not like because Hugh Grant was in it. (Yes, I know, he was good in Four Weddings, but I can’t stand him on general principle).

Except I walked away really, really liking “Love, Actually.”


Posted by Jason @ 11/21/03 11:33 PM



Posted by Sundry @ 01/20/04 09:44 PM

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