In my head: Sk8ter Boi – Avril Lavigne

So, what’s the rumpus? I’ll tell you… I got a show.

By that, I mean that come next April, May, or June (I don’t know for sure which yet), I’ll be getting a solo exhibition for my photography at a local coffee shop. Pretty cool, eh?

It was a very strange, and surprisingly simple procedure. There’s a decent little coffee shop down the street from our new place, and the first time I went in I of course noticed that there was art hung on the walls. Since I’ve been trying to keep in mind that I want to get a show sometime within the next 12 months (well, 11 months now, since it was a month ago I resigned myself to that), I decided to take the forward approach and ask the barista how one went about getting their stuff shown there.

Her response was simple. “Bring it in and show it to me.”

So of course I dillied and dallied for a week, while trying to decide what stuff I wanted to show her. Having never really done this sort of thing before, I wasn’t sure if I should take in just one complete series, or a sampling of different pieces. I finally decided on the sampler platter, thinking up clever things to say about each one should she ask.

But she didn’t. She looked through them all, and said, “I really like them. Which ones do you want to show?”

A bit taken aback, I asked if there was a preference. Casually flipping to the pages with the gun pics, she said, “I’m trying really hard to not impose my own preferences on artists who show here. I think it can be good to broaden people’s horizons though, especially with everything going on in the world.” Which of course decided for me then and there which pics I was going to show. “Oh, but these two building shots are my favorites.”

So, since she doesn’t care of the show has one consistent theme through the whole thing, I’m probably going to show “Seduction” on the large wall of teh place, and have a few other random pics on the smaller walls for variety. Alice thinks it would be a good contrast to have pictures of churches.

And I think that’s a pretty damn good idea. From a variety of perspectives.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I really need sleep now. I’ve spent 10 hours on the road this last weekend, and been moving the rest of our crap and cleaning for the remainder of the time. My hands smell like bleach, I’ve been living on junk food for a week, I’m actually going to get a show for my art, and this weekend I had what may have been the best conversation of the last 15 years or so with my father. All in all, I’m a bit overwhelmed both physically and mentally.

So I’ll save my drunken boat trip story for next time. It’s a doozy.

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