In my head: Nothing, and it’s a damn miracle I tell ya

So, I’ve been catching myself up on everyone else’s blogs, something I haven’t had time to do in quite a while, and the first thing I notice is how funny the people I know are. The second thing I realize is that my life is pretty doggone boring.

At least, that’s how it would appear at first. I think it’s because I’ve been so preoccupied with school, that I’ve been ignoring all of the little details. Because I’m pretty certain that my life isn’t really that boring. Hell, I meet enough “interesting” people in school alone…

…not to mention the bus, because, yes, I am the loud talker magnet. Especially when trying to read my homework.

But, onto something completely different: A friend of mine is working on her thesis for her art degree. She’s doing a project involving all sorts of animal cruelty, most prominently butcher farms and the like. So she approaches me today, and asks if I’d be interested in being a control subject for her project. A little confused by this, I asked for more detail. Apparently, she was advised to get a test group to look at her work, and determine if it was too over the top, not subtle enough, or just didn’t get the point across.

Well, I’ve seen some pretty fucked up shit, so my first thought is that I probably wouldn’t be the most objective person for the job.

“That’s why I thought you would be perfect,” is what she fired back at me. So of course this piqued my curiosity. She gave me my homework assignment – I was to look at some of her outside source material, so I could see what she was working with.

And I did.

My conclusion: I’m a filthy, stinking meat eater, and I’m surely going to hell because I just can’t stop myself. The horror… can’t really be described… and I know I’ve only seen the smallest fraction of what’s really out there. It’s like seeing your parents having sex or something, but meaner, dirtier. Like if you saw your parents engaging in scat-play while having sex. And then eating it.

What’s worse, is that the videos I watched had sound. When I say that the screams were inhuman it’s the literal truth, since it was animals making the noise, so I guess I should say inbeastial. Of course it’s a PETA video, so at the end of it the narrator says that I should do my part by going vegetarian, and stop eating meat. Thanks a lot, fucker! Why don’t you suck my ass?! I mean, I can understand the end, but there’s no way I can perform the means. I LOVE meat. So now, every bite I take will be haunted by these images that I’m helping to contribute to. Just what I need.

I guess now I really do have to move to the country and raise my own food. It’s the only way to be sure.

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