In my head: Killing Me Softly – Fugees

You know what I hate? I hate it when you meet up with someone you haven’t seen in a long time, especially if you once spent a lot of time or had a lot of fun with that person, and they act all “oh it’s so good to see you I still talk about you all the time what are you up to we should get together sometime soon and catch up”, with no intention of actually following up. Okay, you know what? If I’m going to waste ten minutes of my time playing the initial “catch up” game, listen to you tell me how much we should “hook up to catch up”, go through the trouble to swap phone numbers, you’d better return my call when I leave you a message, bee-otch! Cuz if you don’, I jus’ might snap, yo.

Hmmm… I seemed to have stepped out there for a second.

Tyler’s not here right now. Tyler went away.

I seem to have this problem with others I knew around that same era. One guy I actually ran into in an intersection (I didn’t run into him in the automobile accident sense, although the whole intersection location may have given you that impression). He was driving, and I was walking. So he pulled over and we talked, exchanged numbers, and both promptly lost the numbers. No joke. But then, a couple of months later, we both happen to be in the bank parking lot at the same time, so we exchange numbers again, and this time actually get together for drinks.

And we had a good time. But you know what? I lost his number again. He must’ve lost mine too, because he hasn’t called back.

Now just a couple of weeks ago, I run into another old friend from the same period, and he gives me his number. I call. He doesn’t return my call. Two more times I call. Finally I get him on the phone, rather than having to leave a message, and he’s sorry and blah blah busy just got a new job. Bottom line is he says he’ll call me back.


I think it’s a plot. Not only are both of these guys friends from the same time, we all met at the same place. The ass-end of the computer retail market known as CompUSA. At the time the two of them weren’t really friends, since I worked with one of them in hardware retail and the other one in the warehouse, and aside from me being some kind of strange missing link, the two just don’t mix. I’m not so sure anymore though.

However, putting my crazy, paranoid, conspiracy theories aside, it’s just weird for me. These are two friends I knew at a completely different time in my life, and it’s like there was this opportunity to revisit it, you know? But I’m denied. Maybe it’s for the best. It’s not like it was a particularly fruitful period for me. I drank a lot more, I had less money, I had absolutely no direction or goals.

But it’s different now, and part of me really wants to see how it’d be and what they’ve made of themselves (well, the second guy at least, I already know more or less how the first guy ended up, but there’s still stuff I want to know). Oh well. We don’t always get to see those things.

I’m losing my train of thought on this one, so I’m just going to call it quits right here. But here’s the question of the day: If fate were to have to run into someone from your past, who do you wish it would be?

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