Flashback song of the day: OPP – Naughty By Nature

So, according to Peterbuilt and her mother I’m dark and twisted, gay, and greedy. All from picking paint colors for a bedroom. The conversation (one sided as it was) went something like this:

Me: I could pretty much go with any color for the room. Like blue.
Peterbuilt: That’s because it matches your eyes.
Me: Or orange.
P: That’s because it matches your hair.
Me: (thinking I’m being a smart-ass) Or purple.
P: That’s becasue you’re gay.
Me: (trying to dig my way out of a hole) Or black.
P’s mother: That’s because you’re dark and twisted.
Me: (hoping for a last ditch effort) Or gold.
P and her mother: That’s because you’re greedy.
Me: Well, now that we’ve settled that…

There’s just no talking to the two of them. Though they may be onto something. I have been indulging my more, shall we say, feminine tendancies lately. No, I haven’t been prancing around in silky red panties or anything, but I have taken to wearing a sleep mask.

It all started innocently enough. I work during the night, and have a hard time sleeping during the middle of the day with all that light. The first step was to cover the windows in tin-foil (which worked like a charm I might add). But then we moved, and I didn’t really want to ugly up my new house with something as seemingly white-trash as tin-foil on the windows, so I had to find another solution.

That just happened to be the sleep mask.

And I didn’t just choose one and be done with it, no sir. I’m such a picky bastard that I need the best. Even when it comes to something that I put over my eyes, go to sleep, and forget about. So I tried a few, finally deciding on the Hibermate (I chose the classic black, figuring that if I ever had to wear it on an airplane or train I’d want to attract the least amount of attention to myself). And I saw that it was good.

Too good in fact. I want more. I know there’s a better one out there. You see, as good as the Hibermate is, it’s got one major flaw. The interior is a fleecy material. Yeah, it’s great and warm and fuzzy. But in the Summertime, it just makes me downright hot. Trust me, it’s no fun waking up with a sweaty sleep mask on your face. So I’ve already got my sights set on the the Soothie, because it’s filled with linseeds to massage the eyes while you’re sleeping. I’m tingling with excitement already!

There are also several magnetic masks that I’m looking at. Due in no small part to the fact that they’re supposed to help slow the aging process, and I have been a little concerned at those pesky little wrinkles popping up around my eyes. They’re really the only thing that gives away my age, and I’m not liking it one bit.

I figure I can indulge myself in this one little thing. I’m a crime fighter by night, I can afford to be a dainty sleeper by day.

And while we’re on the topic of masculinity and femininity, I’ve got a new erotica pic done. I’m really feeling in the zone to put a lot more energy into my erotica work, and am hoping to branch out more into that area with my photography as well (not like I haven’t already played around with it, but I’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg, really).

So here it is.
I call it Worship.


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Sleep Mask. Just found your site while looking for recomendations on a sleep mask. Appreciate your comments on the Hibermate. Haven’t bought one yet; also saw this:


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