The Call of Cthulhu as an animated kid show? Disney Spills The Beans.
-Robert M. Price, The Daily Lurker

Anaheim, CA – Today, a spokesman for Disney Studios announced that the latest in their long series of family-adapted classics will be H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu.” When asked if such a horror classic was perhaps not appropriate for young children, the Disney representative, wearing prominent mouse ears, answered, “Who said anything about horror?”

Preliminary animator’s sketches showed a smiling octopus-headed giant more than a little reminiscent of Dumbo. On his back rode a half-dozen or so dwarfs with scaly green skin and bulging eyes. Notes named tham as “Squamy, Swampy, Ichthy, Fishy, Froggy, Squirmy, and Tad.” Several new songs by Elton John should grace the animated feature, one of them a Rap sea chanty sung by “Cappy Johanson” and his merry crew.

When asked if there would be any serious attempt to reproduce the disorienting, non-Euclidian angles of R’lyeh, Disney’s spokesman said, “Not really. We figure they’re be more than enough to look at and throw up.”

This article reprinted from The Daily Lurker, Portland, OR. It was originally printed in the program for the 2006 H.P. Lovecraft film festival. I just recently found it again (I’d saved it for a rainy day), and had to post it so it could be fully enjoyed by all… all one of you who reads this, that is.

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