I spent the twenty-four of the last seventy-two hours driving. Actually, if you count the fact that I’d just gotten off work, it would be thirty-four out of eighty-two hours.
My friends, that’s enough to give anyone a cramp in their ass.

The reason for such insanity? Well, my great grandmother just had her one-hundredth birthday, and I had to drive down to Turlock, California. Since you’ve probably never heard of it, it’s located about an hour and a half southeast of Sacramento. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if we hadn’t just driven down to San Francisco for Thanksgiving – another twelve hour drive. That and the rain. Constant rain. The whole way.

So what else is new? Let’s see… my new website is coming along nicely. I’ve got most of the difficult coding done, and I just finished transferring all of my old blogs to the new blogging software “database”. I haven’t done the comments yet, that’s just going to have to wait. It was hard enough to do the stuff I’d written, let alone everyone else’s. However, someday it will be done. I’ll be too lazy to change the dates on the comments, so it’ll just look like everyone posted on the same day, but at least the entries have the appropriate timestamp.

As I was halfway through this transfer, a couple of things occurred to me:

One was that an awful lot of my posts started with “yeah, I haven’t written in a while”. Well no shit, Sherlock. Didn’t have to spell that one out, did ya? That’s like saying “You know, it’s cold outside” when there’s snow on the ground.

Second was the brief moment of doubt, wondering if I was doing all this work, and the adverse side effect would be that now no one would ever be able to find my blog. “Silly, silly you, I said to me. It’s not like anyone has actually come to your site from one of those links anyway, after all, you use Blogger, and you’re not even listed in their database.” Oh yeah. And I felt much better about my pain. Besides, soon, when people are flocking to my site because of my world-class photography, they’ll all read my blog.

And be just as disappointed in my lack of updates as the three people who read it now.

So, this will probably be the last entry I ever do with Blogger. It’s been fun. Well, not really. It’s been kind of a pain. To their credit though, it wasn’t usually their fault, it was that idiotic y.u.c.h.s. or whatever the “rate your own music” site is. They absolutely suck.

And now I’m off to buy Alice a birthday present. I have no idea what.

Have a good new year y’all.

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