It cuts like a knife, love

He’s good, that Kevin. Running from me into the theater. It’s dark. I like it. I can almost make out the entire set from my crouched position behind the lighting board. Without the lights, it almost feels eerie. My hand tightens around the slender blade I’m holding. It comforts me. Suddenly I hear a thumping through the ceiling above me. I smile. The catwalks. Such are the disadvantages of having…

March 6, 1989

Star Trek: The Dream

The dream is animated with old Star Trek dolls. Start/stop frame animation is used. Camera is slowly circling through a background of darkness. Pass 1: (Spock and Jim young boys) Spock: Jim [echos of “Jim… Jim… Jim…] Jim [echos of “Jim… Jim… Jim…”] Jim: Yes. Pass 2: (Spock and Jim young boys) Spock: I require advice. Jim: But my teacher has never needed help. Pass 3: (Spock normal, Jim still…

October 25, 1988