Transubstantiate!                            Arn & Jon            Jan. ‘90   *Transubstantiate!  Transubstantiate!  Transubstantiate! Don’t you want to feed the masses? Transubstantiate!  Transubstantiate!  Transubstantiate!  Words!   It was written in the paper. It was really meant to be. We are crying for rebellion. They’re all fuckers can’t you see! We don’t need them as our leaders. We don’t need those fucks at all! We can make our own decisions. They will die if…

January 1, 1990

It cuts like a knife, love

He’s good, that Kevin. Running from me into the theater. It’s dark. I like it. I can almost make out the entire set from my crouched position behind the lighting board. Without the lights, it almost feels eerie. My hand tightens around the slender blade I’m holding. It comforts me. Suddenly I hear a thumping through the ceiling above me. I smile. The catwalks. Such are the disadvantages of having…

March 6, 1989